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  • Pakistan National Day celebrated in Tehran with cultural festival آوریل 18, 2019
    To commemorate Pakistan National Day, the country’s ambassador to Iran, Riffat Masood, hosted a reception at the inaugural ceremony of a three-day Pakistan’s Cultural festival on Wednesday (April 17, 2019) at Milad Tower in the Iranian capital of Tehran.
  • Tehran, Baghdad mayors discuss subjects for cooperation آوریل 18, 2019
    The mayors of Tehran and Baghdad, respectively Pirouz Hanachi and Zekra Alwach in Baghdad on Thursday discussed municipality issues the two cities are willing to cooperate.
  • Bahrain's support for US anti-IRGC move coordinated آوریل 18, 2019
    Conviction of a group of Bahraini citizens based on allegations and charges of having links with Iran's IRGC can be seen as a kind of measure similar to the recent Instagram action in closing pages attributed to the IRGC commanders.

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